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Terms and Conditions

This web-site is intended to be a friendly, enjoyable and useful experience, but as with anything concerning any kind of transactions there are risks involved and we strongly advise you to understand all of these terms before joining. This site acts as the window for commuters to make contact with others who may be travelling in the same direction to work or study and with whom they might share the travel. As a result, we have no control over the quality, safety or legality of the persons registering on the site. We cannot and do not control whether a suitable travel match can be found. By engaging in carpooling you agree and accept that the Mackay Regional Council and Ergon Energy shall have no responsibility, and do not accept any liability, for your safety either personally when travelling, or via a transaction through using the website.  

Rights to suspend or terminate your registration

You agree that this web-site, in its own discretion, may terminate use of the service immediately and without notice if (a) We believe that you are not abiding by the general rules of this web-site (b) You have repeatedly broken a certain term, c) we cannot verify or authenticate the registration information you provide to us. Our terms may be updated occasionally, at our sole discretion with or without notice to you. The most current version of the terms and conditions will always be available on the site. By continuing to use, visit or browse you agree to be bound by the current version of the Terms and Conditions.  

Your Conduct

You are solely responsible for the contents of your actions through this web-site. This information on carpooling is provided for information purposes only. No claim is made as to its accuracy, authenticity, appropriateness or suitability for your particular needs or circumstances or for any particular use. Mackay Regional Council and Ergon Energy, their members, employees, agents, consultants and representatives accept no liability for any loss or damage caused by any error or omission contained in the information. Those engaging in carpooling arrangements must ensure, and are otherwise responsible for, their own personal safety. The Mackay Regional Council and Ergon Energy cannot and do not ensure your safety. By engaging in carpooling you agree and accept:

  • That the Mackay Regional Council and Ergon Energy shall have no responsibility, and do not accept any liability, for your safety.
  • You must not transmit through the service any unlawful, harassing, libelous, abusive, threatening, harmful, vulgar, obscene or otherwise objectionable material.
  • You must also not transmit any material that encourages conduct that could constitute a criminal offence, give rise to civil liability or otherwise violate any applicable law or regulation.
  • No member shall make a profit from taking part in the Carpool.
  • Any financial transaction undertaken between members is at their own risk.  
  • To be responsible for your own safety, you should make an assessment of the person or people with whom you are travelling to ensure that you feel safe and comfortable. 
  • You need to satisfy yourself that the driver is not only licenced and has appropriate insurance, but also is not affected by alcohol or drugs.

Using your organisations vehicle

Rules vary so please check with your individual organisation.

Insurance implications of carpooling

Most Australian insurers state that car-sharing will not affect an individual's car insurance so long as a profit is not made.  Drivers with any concerns should check with their insurance company as terms and conditions may vary between insurance providers over time.  Make sure that the person you drive with has valid registration and insurance.  ALL CARPOOLERS TRAVEL AT THEIR OWN RISK.


Members should satisfy themselves as to whether they will be covered by Workers Compensation insurance in relation to your particular travel.


All images and content are owned by the Mackay Regional Council. Copying or reproduction of the site cannot be undertaken without prior written permission.


Membership to this web-site is only available to those you can form a legally binding contract. This web-site does not permit minors (under18) to register. If any member fails to signup with their correct age the account will be terminated immediately. We provide you with your own login account. You may choose your own password. It is your responsibility to keep this password confidential. You accept all responsibility for all activities that occur within your account. Please refer to our Privacy Policy below for further details. If you have any queries related to these Terms and Conditions then please contact

Privacy Policy

The Mackay Carpool website is maintained by Mackay Regional Council whose corporate logos appear on the home page of this site. This Privacy Policy applies to all the publicly accessible pages on the Mackay Carpool site located at Mackay Regional Council does not have any responsibility for the privacy policies or practices of third party sites linked to the Mackay Carpool site. If you have any questions about the Mackay Carpool site, or the application of this Privacy Policy or a request for access to information held please contact: Mackay Carpool Coordinator Mackay Regional Council PO Box 41 Mackay QLD 4740 Users of the Mackay Carpool site are entitled to expect that any information as a result of that use will be treated within the terms of the Queensland government’s privacy responsibilities and obligations. The Queensland government’s privacy practices are regulated by the Queensland Information Privacy Act 2009.

What information do we keep?

Primarily we keep only your details as entered by you during the registration process. However, many web based systems and Internet Service providers record technical information about your PC. If you need to know what technical information is collected by this site please email

How do we use this information collected?

Mackay Carpool site will not disclose or publish information that identifies individual machines, or potentially identifies sub-groupings of addresses, without consent or otherwise in accordance with the Queensland Information Privacy Act 2009.

What exceptions are there to this rule?

Mackay Carpool site will collect, use and disclose more extensive information than stated above in the following circumstances: • unauthorised attempts to access files which are not published Mackay Carpool site pages; • unauthorised tampering or interference with files published on the Mackay Carpool site; • unauthorised attempts to index the contents of Mackay Carpool site by other sites; • attempts to intercept messages of other users of the Mackay Carpool site; • communications which are defamatory, abusive, vilify individuals or groups or which give rise to a suspicion that an offence is being committed; and • attempts to otherwise compromise the security of the web server, breach the laws of the State of Queensland or Commonwealth of Australia, or interfere with the enjoyment of the Mackay Carpool site by other users. Mackay Carpool site reserves the right to make disclosures to relevant authorities where the use of the Mackay Carpool site raises a suspicion that an offence is being, or has been, committed. In the event of an investigation, Mackay Carpool site will provide access to data to any law enforcement agency that may exercise a warrant to inspect our logs.

Is the information stored securely?

Yes. Information collected is stored in an appropriately secure format and held by Operators for Mackay Carpool site purposes. When the information is no longer required for the purposes for which it was collected it is deleted.

What will we do with information provided in Feedback?

Mackay Carpool site provides feedback facilities on the Mackay Carpool site to allow users to provide input into the future development of the site and to comment on the provision of service by the Office. The provision of personal details on feedback is optional. Users may provide personal details for the purpose of receiving a reply to their feedback. This information will only be used for the purpose for which it was provided. We will not add your email address or name to any mailing list. The Mackay Regional Council may publish aggregated information about feedback on the site, to the extent that it does not identify or cannot be used to identify individual users.

Who else has access to information?

The Mackay Regional Council captures this information on its own computers. Access to the raw data is restricted to a limited number of officers in Mackay Regional Council for the purpose of analysis and to report on the success of the Mackay Carpool site. If you would like to access information held about you by the Mackay Regional Council, please email

Will this policy be updated over time?

Due to the developing nature of privacy principles for online communication, this policy may be modified or expanded in light of new developments or issues that may arise from time to time. The amended policy will be posted to this site and will operate from the time it is posted. Updated 21/06/2011

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